Nepal Tomato: Facts, Growing, Preparing

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nepal tomato, facts, growing

With its wonderful, intense, rich flavor, the Nepal tomato is a favorite of many tomato lovers.

It is a late-season, regular-leaf, red-colored tomato cultivar, with no special appearance, but has that old-fashioned tomato flavor that many of us could kill for…

Nepal Tomato Facts

Weight10-12 oz (280-340 g)
GrowthIndeterminate, 6-8 ft (180-240 cm) tall and 1.5-3 ft (50-90 cm) wide
SeasonMid-Late, days to maturity (from transplants): 75-80
Open-pollinated / HybridOpen-pollinated, Heirloom
Leaf shape Regular

Some sources say that the Nepal tomato originally comes from the Himalaya Mountains, and thus can tolerate cooler temperatures. I cannot really tell if it’s true, as I couldn’t find any further evidence or a highly authoritative source that confirms this.

According to Victory Seeds, Craig LeHoullier, a tomato enthusiast and keen home grower, got the seeds from Johnny’s Selected Seeds in 1986 who introduced it in the mid-80s. But I wonder where did Johnny’s get the seeds from?

Since the Nepal tomato is an heirloom, we know that it was first grown before the 1950s, but it seems the history of this cultivar is cloudy because of a lack of documentation.

Growing Nepal Tomatoes

nepal tomato flowering
Nepal tomato plant flowering in June

Growing Nepal tomatoes can be a little bit of a challenge as it is an indeterminate variety, which definitely needs staking or caging as well as pruning.

Its relatively large-size fruits may also need some extra care in terms of support so that the fruits don’t touch the ground or break the branches before they ripen.

Some growers say it is more susceptible to disease than other heirloom varieties, however, if you want some really tasty, classic, deep red tomatoes on the table, it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

It’s also inspiring that Craig LeHoullier, tomato authority, mentions Nepal tomato as a “converter” in his book Epic Tomatoes:

Though nothing special to look at, NEPAL is the tomato that converted me from hybrids to heirlooms.

Mr. LeHoullier also regards the Nepal tomato among the ‘Ten Tastiest’.

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Preparing Nepal Tomatoes

They produce bright red, uniform fruits ranging from medium to large in size (10-12 oz / 280-340 g). They are juicy, meaty, thin-skinned, and have a classic tomato flavor with a balance of sweetness and acidity.

Nepal is a nice, delicious all-purpose tomato. It is a good salad tomato, and also a great option for salads, slicing, and snacking as well as for stews, processing, and canning.

nepal tomato sliced


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