Sun Gold Tomato: Facts, Growing, Preparing

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sun gold tomato

Sun Gold tomato is a popular cherry tomato variety, which is famous for its outstanding, sweet flavor.

It’s an orange-colored indeterminate hybrid (F1), which is not difficult to grow either in containers or in the garden soil.

They taste fantastic when picked just off the wine. 

Sun Gold Tomato Facts

GrowthIndeterminate, 4-5 ft (120-150 cm) tall and 1.5-3 ft (50-90 cm) wide
SeasonEarly, days to maturity (from transplants): 60-65
Stable / HybridHybrid
FlavorSweet, tangy, very tasty
Brix score* (sweetness)9.3 (very sweet)

*The Brix degree indicates how much total soluble solid content, i.e. sugars, there is in the fresh tomato or a tomato product. E.g. a 15 °Brix tomato juice contains 15 grams of soluble sugars per liter. The maximum Brix score for fresh tomatoes is approx. 10.


Sun Gold tomatoes are small, cherry tomatoes that are absolutely packed with flavor. With their bright orange hue, they’re one of the most popular tomato varieties grown in home gardens around the world.

The Sun Gold tomato is a hybrid variety, which means it has been bred to maximize flavor while competing with disease and other environmental problems. As a result, they are especially resilient to heat, cold, and disease.

Sun Golds have a sweet, tangy flavor that gives them an advantage over traditional red tomatoes in salads or for snacking purposes.

They’re also incredibly juicy; so much so that some people wait until slicing them open to enjoy their full flavor.

Sun Gold tomatoes grow well in full sun and need plenty of water — at least one inch per week is recommended. They should be allowed to ripen fully before harvest – generally five to six weeks after the first blossoms appear – if growers want to capture their sweetest taste and highest nutrition content.

Name And Origin Of Sungold Tomato

It’s written either as Sungold or Sun Gold (this is the correct spelling), but it refers to the same cherry tomato variety.

Sun Gold was developed in Japan in 1992, by the Tokita Seed Company (founded in 1917). At the time, there were no sweet cherry tomatoes on the Japanese market, therefore Tokita came up with different varieties of which Sun Gold became the No1.

The two parent plants of the Sungold F1 hybrid are, understandably, undisclosed.

It soon gained fame and reputation in the US and UK as well, now being one of the most popular cherry tomatoes.

In the UK, it received the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) Award of Garden Merit for its unique, exceptional taste.

Growing Sun Gold Tomatoes

Growing Sungold Tomatoes is incredibly rewarding. This small-size, ultra-sweet tomato variety bursts with flavor and ripens quickly (60-65 days from transplanting). Plus, it is resistant to most common tomato diseases, making it a great choice for both novice and experienced gardeners.

Fortunately, Sun Gold has good resistance against diseases and therefore requires less care and maintenance than many heirloom varieties.

Sun Gold Tomatoes will do well in loose, slightly acidic soil, which is well-drained and rich in organic matter. Make sure they get at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight and water regularly keeping the soil equally moist all the time.

You should also opt for trellis or stake training when growing your Sun Gold tomatoes since they tend to produce vigorous vines that need extra support.

Let only 2-3 suckers grow from the bottom of the plant along with the main stem. You’ll need to prune the rest throughout the season to avoid a mess of vines and foliage taking up a lot of space.

Also, check out our in-depth guide on how to grow tomatoes here to make sure you’ll have a good harvest:

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Sun Gold Tomato Seeds

Where to get Sun Gold tomato seeds from? Sun Gold is available at garden centers and online stores all around the world.

There are a number of reliable retailers:

Johnny’s Selected Seeds – Sun Gold (F1) Tomato Seed

Burpee – Sungold Hybrid

Thompson & Morgan – Sungold F1 Hybrid

Other Sun Gold Varieties

There are some de-hybridized varieties of Sun Gold F1 that were developed via selection.

You can try them too, but be aware that they are not fully stable, their flavor can also vary and from time to time you may get a red-fruited plant.

They include:

Sungold Select

Sungold Select II

Big Sungold

FAQ About Sun Gold Tomatoes

When Are Sun Gold Tomatoes Ripe?

After transplanting, Sung Gold tomatoes mature in 65 days. E.g. if you transplant them after the last spring frost day in mid-May, you’ll be able to harvest in mid-July. You can pick them in different phases of ripeness, from pale orange to dark orange, which gives you different flavors.

What Do Sun Gold Tomatoes Taste Like?

SunGold tomatoes have a sweet and fruity flavor with a hint of acidity. They have an intense, almost tropical sweetness (when fully ripe) that sets them apart from other types of cherry or grape tomatoes.
The texture is firm and juicy with just the right amount of structure. They also have a slightly tart aftertaste that some people find appealing. Sun Gold tomatoes are particularly enjoyable eaten fresh off the vine or in salads and sandwiches.

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